View Full Version : infinite baffle tuning, does it exist?

10-24-2012, 12:58 AM
ok i drive a regular cab truck with 6x13x36 clearance behind the seats and i have subs that require 4 cu ft of space and have a 1.5 inch excursion. my solution was something between an aperiodic box and infinite baffle. i have a box 3x13x36 with the subs facing backwards directly into vents (not ports) that vent outside the cab. it all sounds good but im wondering if there is a way to tune this by changing the size or shape of the vents. i also wonder if its going to hurt my subs since this is basically free air and their meant for sealed which isn't gonna happen in my truck. i figure it wont hurt them since they have a really sturdy suspension.

10-24-2012, 01:26 AM
you can change tuning by changing the density of the material in the aperiodic vents. the vents should be roughly the same size (or one step smaller) than the woofers, and consist of two grills (one out and one in). in the middle of these grills should be fiberglass batt or mineral fiber or denim insulation. you change "tuning" by stuffing more material between the grills (keeping it evenly distributed but increasing density).

note that this design is the least efficient method of coupling the woofer to the membrane, but the most common.

I ran the same thing before, with a Type-R 12" (not intended for the application) and it worked well.