View Full Version : ID8 enclosure help (torres screens)

10-16-2012, 03:25 AM
ok so i have been working on modeling a box for the ID8's i have comming and after talking to an ID tech im still on the fence about what exactly my net/gross volume should be.

the ID tech said he modeled it in a 2.58 cube gross tuned to 22hz after displacments (using 1/2 for the port peices). but im going to be using 3/4 for the box and port peices since i dont have and 1/2 on hand. can anyone help me out with this? the ammount of space i have is 28 high X 14 wide X 17 Deep. the enclosure will be ~ 2 inches off the floor so im going to have the port downfire and the sub fire out.

the measurements i came up with are 2.59 cubes gross .26 cubes port volume 32.25" port length a 12.5"X1 inch port and a tuning of 19.95 hz(it might end up being a tad lower since i will have the port downfire and the "feet" will be 2 inch peices of the box material on the 14" sides) im going with a folded port design and im still trying to draw up the box plans and whatnot so any help there would be apreciated as well.

im going to attach the screenshot of the torres calc i came up with. hopefully it will help.

oh and this is a box for Home Theater use, hence the 20hz tuning. the lower the better when it comes to tuning. but i dont want to put them in a tiny *** box and tune to 5 hz. id prefer to keep them semi-effficent since i will not be able to put more than ~50W to them until i can come up with the cash to get my amp fixed/replaced.


EDIT i just realized that when i modeled it i didnt make a 28X14X17 enclosure. i only did it for 15 and 16 depth. ill download torres tomorrow and redo it all.

10-16-2012, 05:08 PM
ok, after some haphazard drawing/measuring i think i have my final box design. the only problem im comming up with is how do lay out the port. since i have 15.5D X26.5T X 12.5W to work with and im going with 28" of port length(19.85hz tuning) im not sure if i should go with a folded port or an L port for best airflow. not to mention im still kinda stuck on woofer placement. hopefully i can toss some screens of the 2 layouts on here soon if my computer co-operates with me.