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10-14-2012, 08:34 PM

I currently run my system without subwoofers due to a broken basket.
So today I finally had some time just cruising around and play my handicapped system and I noticed that the combo does not sound right. I did not notice it before since I always ran it with the subs together....
All bass enhancing setting on the HU and the Amp are either off or set to zero.
Thats what I have for the front stage:

Front stage: CDT Gold ES 642i
Front stage amp: American Bass VFL-350.4
Batteries: Stinger SPP2150 in the trunk, Stinger SPP1500D under the hood.

The system sounds very clean and crisp but as soon as I crank it, the kick's start to distort.
So I pulled the door pannels for the first time after the speakers have been installed and it seems like that the bass and the mid speaker sharing the full volume of the door.

The door itself is pretty nice sealed, no openings etc...

Now, two questions.....

1: Is that normal that the bass and the mid speaker share a enclosure?
2: Is the volume of the full door just too much for the little 6" woofer?

Thanks a bunch.

Attached is a photo of the mounting pannel.


10-15-2012, 05:19 AM
Either trying to play the mid too low or sending it too much power