View Full Version : Eclipse or Boston 6.5's with factory head unit?

04-06-2004, 08:48 PM
The drivers side front speaker in my wife's 2002 Maxima is shot. I bought a pair of Eclipse SE8363's over a pair of Boston 2 ways (FX6) on the advice of the salesman at HiFi Buys. Looking at the info in the box that the Eclipses came in shows RMS power handling at 40 watts, Freq. resp. at 90Hz - 40 kHZ, and Sensitivity at 90 dB. The Eclipse website says sensitivity is 96 dB. Anybody know which is correct?

Boston's website says that their 6.5 is recommended for 12 to 100 watts, with a frequency response of 58Hz - 20 kHz and sensitivity rated at 92 dB.

Given that the head unit in this car (non-Bose) is maybe 5 - 15 watts per channel and that it has separate tweeters mounted in the front door pillars, which is the right choice?

Thanks in advance for your help!!!!