View Full Version : Precision Power Pro 10" Subwoofer

10-13-2012, 08:30 AM
2 10" PPI PRO powered by Audiopipe 1500

I had these 2 puppies hooked up before I got my 2.5 Audioque. I found a seller on ebay who had 10 of these brand new in the box about 4 years ago. The price was 90 shipped! These are monsters weighing in at 30 pounds each! 1000 watts rms each! I bought one just out of curiosity, and when I opened the box, I ran to order another one. I had them in manufactured spec sealed box at .8 cu each. Wow, that was borring, had suprisingly good sound quality though, hit on anything, no distortion and had amazingly low volume responce. After abouta year of that I switched to a huge ported box about 1.5 to 2. cu per sub, Wow that did the trick, the low on these subs is amazing as well as the excursion, I can make them move about almost 2 inches out, and still cannot hear them bottoming out. I searched the net forever to find a review on these, couldnt find nothing. Great subs for the money, and like I said earlier, the sound quality was amazing. Last sub i had that compares suond quality wise, is an XTANT A series 10 I had in a small sealed box. But ofcourse, these get way louder and handle alot more power, not to mention the bragging rights of owning a 30 pound subwoofer, this is ofcourse during the DEI buyout of PPI BUT for a top of the line sub I am impressed. 8 out of 10 total. Give them a chance if you find a deal on these. Thank you.

10-16-2012, 01:36 AM
These are great subs in my opinion.... I have one that is blown, that ran ran forever in a 1cu. sealed on a Crossfire 1000d. Would love to have it reconed, but never had any luck finding someone that could get the parts.