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04-06-2004, 06:00 PM
I am currently looking at speakers for my 2002 Silverado ext. cab pick up.

The two sets of speakers that I am thinking about are as follows.

Front: kenwoods kfc-1789ie (6-3/4, three way) and
Rear: Pioneer Ts- a4670r (4x3, three way)

I am thinking about purchasing these from Crutchfield and was wondering if anyone has heard these or has any information that could help me in my choice.

I mainly want to know if I can mix these two brands or should I keep it like a home theatre and stay in the same brand all the way around. I am not looking to compete. I just thought that by going with 3 ways instead of 2 ways, I could get a better range of sound quality. I also will not be using the system for 5.1 audio or watching dvds. The vehicle is just my daily driver and I am tired of the stock system.


04-06-2004, 06:56 PM
You would be much better off spending the money to get a component set (CDT Cl-61a) and getting am amp to power them (anyhting that puts out 75-100 watts per channel) These will sound much better and give a very good level of volume. I'd get a 4 channel amp so you could eventually buy a sub.

Comp- CDT Cl-61a ($149) thezeb.com
Amp- Profile CA640 (~$100) ikeosund.com
Sub- 2 re 8's (later)

That would be an awesome setup for the money. Awesome!!!

03-13-2007, 11:26 AM
Hey do you know if the speaker grill comes off or do you have to take the whole pannel off?? (2002 ext Silverado)