View Full Version : Just want to make sure this is an OK box for 2 SA-12's

10-05-2012, 01:07 PM
Hey everyone,

I was so set on my box design but now I'm not so sure. I just want to confirm that I'm on the right path.

So the plan is to have the subs facing the rear seats and a 6" flared port out to the side. My main concern is that I am going to suffocate the subs, especially with them being up at the same angle of the seats. I attached a drawing to help show what it will look like. It's just a very rough sketch. I did have a type r that was sub forward, port forward, but it was a straight piece of wood, so it wasn't as close to the seats.

On another note, will 4 cubes tuned to 35hz be alright? I listen to a bit of everything but mainly dubstep, electro-rock, rock, and hip-hop. I usually tune my boxes at around 2.25 cubes at 32 for a single sub. I found that setup didn't extend very high though (could be my mids not extending low enough also because my doors appear to be made out of Swiss Cheese).

Anyway, just want to make sure there are no major flaws in the design.

10-06-2012, 08:29 AM
Bueller? Bueller?