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10-05-2012, 09:46 AM
Hello. just a bit of back story before my question:
my privious car had two alpine type S 6x9's, 5.25" component type r's in the front, and a type r 12" in the back. the sub was getting 620 watts rms, and the other speakers were getting 100 rms. i was very happy with the sound, but sadly the car was totaled, and i could only salvage the sub and the 4 channel amp.

so here is the question:
i need new speakers for my new car. the car has 5x7" front and rear door speakers. im planning on getting some 6x8 to 6.5" adapters, doubling them up and putting dynamat in between them. so the question is, what 6.5" speakers to get? i had the type r 5.25" speakers and was very happy with them, however i heard that focal had better speakers. im looking at the Polyglass 165 CVX speakers, and they are twice as much. is it worth the 2x price increase?

also, the focal speakers are rated at 75 watts rms, would it be that much of a problem if i had them hooked up to my 100 watt per channel amp as long as i didnt push them to distortion?

Why So Cereal?
10-05-2012, 10:36 AM
I don't think lower line Focals are worth the money really....

Look into the Image Dynamics CTX components or JBL MS.

Or, if u know u like Alpine, stick with Alpine. It doesn't matter what we think sounds better if u know what u like. The BEST way to choose speakers is auditioning them anyway.

And no, u don't have to match RMS ratings, I never do