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09-26-2012, 10:20 AM
I was one of the winners of the MurderMat promotional giveaway. First I'd like to thank the folks at MurderMat. I've never used sound deadener before and so far I am a deadener convert.

- I had a really noticeable vibration from my rear deck. MurderMat was easy to install. I was concerned that with the weight of the product there would be an issue with remaining where it was placed. I was quickly re-assured. MurderMat has a really great adhesive. Install was done in 88 degrees with no shade. Needless to say it was hot. Once placed, this product does not release. It can be peeled off immediately after placement if you need to re-arrange the positioning. After an hour in the heat you can still remove MurderMat, but it takes a little effort and some pieces were torn and stretched in the process.
MurderMat conforms extremely well to the contours of the surfaces of the metal. Basically you press and mold it onto the surface.
-After installation I no longer have vibration from the rear deck. It completely removed the bothersome noise. There were a few bolts coming through the rear deck for a sub blank. I matted the bolts just to insure no noise from them too.

--Next was the trunk lid. Again I was concerned over installing MurderMat. I was worried about the added weight to the trunk lid. While noticably heavier, the trunk will still open fully when I press the unlatch button. Sounds so different shutting the trunk. You get a solid thunk now. This installation was not as straight forward as the rear deck though. More curves and trunk lid is double walled with large holes in inner wall. I used scissors and cut pieces to fit where I needed them. I loved the graphic on the MurderMat, but once I finished with trunk lid, I was glad it had an outer shell to that fit over it. It was impossible to keep the lines straight on the Mat. (Also found that MurderMat has a serious layer of metal inside. Pressed to hard molding it into an area trying to work out a wrinkle, the wrinkle split and so did the meat on my finger.)

After replacing the shell over the trunk lid, i turned up the bass and there was still noise from the lid. When installing the MurderMat, I installed under the trunk lid wiring and latch cables. They were vibrating against the shell. So I cut some patches and MurderMatted them down. :D Worked like a charm.

Next I decided to be creative. Cut some "tabs" and placed them on the back of my license plate. BOOM! no more rattle. On to the gas tank door. Ran a strip around inside door. No more vibration there. But, few days later I noticed the weight of the deadener on the gas door itself was too much for the little cheap plastic thing. So I peeled (Pried) it off and placed some instead on the car inside the gas door. Should have done that to begin with, but was a Duh moment.

Under rear seat, I have latches for the seat belt. Basically allows the belt to be turned 30 degrees so you're not able to tighten this down. I cut and laid strips of MurderMat below the latch so there would be no more rattleing of metal against metal. Should have been done in manufacturing of car, but again BOOM... rattle gone.

I'm really curious to see how much more noise I can cut with MurderMat. And improve the sound in my car. I cant say anything about how it's cut road noise, simply because I havent finished the job and I dont know that deadening the trunk will make any difference for road noise anyway. I can say that so far, MurderMat has been a great rattle killing, vibration dampening blessing for my Sonata.

I am going to try to finish up install in trunk this week if Life will slow down a wee bit for me. I'll update thread as I finish up my install. I have some pictures I'll try to upload later from home.

Thanks again for the promotion MurderMat.

09-26-2012, 04:45 PM
Pictures by macaroniking - Photobucket (http://s2.photobucket.com/albums/y23/macaroniking/?action=viewĄt=defa889ea5255e2c62a4c4f7cf4b485c.jp g&evt=user_media_share)

Trunk lid. You can see where i placed mat over cable. MurderMats adhesive makes it easy to apply in patch situations too.

Lid finished

Pictures by macaroniking - Photobucket (http://s2.photobucket.com/albums/y23/macaroniking/?action=viewĄt=64e5a9b4add8c69f0ebadf52ac263305.jp g&evt=user_media_share)

LOL ignore the macaroniking name. That was a gamer tag from years ago. Few pictures of guns in this album too.

09-28-2012, 05:38 PM
Quick update. Tried to pop open gas tank fill door and realized that i had some of the adhesive edges that had stuck my door shut. Had to remove the MurderMat from there. Theres not enough space to avoid this from happening. Think im going to have to scrap the mat for this particular spot. Maybe use steips of soft side velcro stickied in there. Anyone have suggestions? Thought of cutting 1/8" strips of MM and covering with tape so the adhesing edge is covered.