View Full Version : Drop In Recone Prices

09-25-2012, 01:19 PM
This thread is to inform anyone looking for a Skar Audio drop in re-cone kit of what that cost is and how to go about ordering them.

Re cone's are currently available for all of the sub woofers we make! You are responsible for knowing how to install the drop in kit you purchase - it is rather simple and there are video's on YouTube, however we are not responsible for end user error's during installation.

To Order : To place an order on a re cone kit please email [email protected] and let us know which kit you need, quantity, and voice coil as well as your shipping address & PayPal email, and we will email you an invoice.

- Kit's do not include adhesive (glue) or shims, for shims using a stack of trimmed paper until the coil is snug and aligned works well.
- For the glue's needed, from our experience Loc-Tite 5 Minute Epoxy work's great for gluing the spider to the frame & Amazing Goop works well for the surround and dust cap portions of the re cone. We do not sell any adhesives.


IVX-10 (D2/D4) - $35 + SH
IVX-12 (D2/D4) - $35 + SH
IVX-15 (D2/D4) - $35 + SH

VVX-8 (D2/D4) - $35 + SH
VVX-10 (D2/D4) - $40 + SH
VVX-12 (D2/D4) - $40 + SH
VVX-15 (D2/D4) - $50 + SH

ZVX-12 (D1/D2) - $90 + SH
ZVX-15 (D1/D2) - $100 + SH
ZVX-18 (D1/D2) - $115 + SH

MA-8 (D2/D4) - $40 + SH