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09-20-2012, 12:52 AM
Ok so I have a 2002 single cab dodge ram with the infinity sound system (3 in-dash tweeters, 6x9s in the doors, 5.25 behind seats), alpine xda-303, and a alpine type r 12 in a ported box. Alright so in never getting an amp for my door speakers ive blown them somewhat and the speakers behind the seats might be blown but cant be heard most of the time anyways. I listen to a lot of rap, but also listen to a lot of high quality (at least sounds like it lol) acoustic stuff. The problem I have now is that its all highs and pretty loud bass with hardly and mids. I'm not a big fan of real sharp highs from say a metal dome tweeter, and will sacrifice a little clarity for warmness.

1. What componet set would you reccomend for the doors? ~200
2. What amp? ~200 or less
3. General thoughts on my setup? (for example to not use the dash tweeters etc.)

09-20-2012, 12:57 AM
cdt makes a 6x9 component set but will cost more than 200.might wanna do 6.5 comps in the doors ,make some mdf baffles and mat the doors and you'll be golden. forget the rears and look for an amp i can sell you a 4 channel ab amp 100 watts rms x 4 bridge the comps ,it will be loud