View Full Version : 4x6 holes: better to adapt 5.25 or 5x7?

09-19-2012, 11:51 PM
The rear speakers in my 240sx hatchback are 4x6s and no one makes plates anymore that adapt up to 5.25" or 6.5" (there used to be a company that made them but they apparently went out of business).

My car is a dual purpose street/track car and has very little interior, so it takes a lot of sound to cover the background noise. Instead of running the 4x6s, I was thinking of mounting 5x7 components spaced up on plates in the back as I think I will have enough room. The choices for 5x7 plates are pretty limited I think, so it might be better to adapt to 5 1/4s and call it a day.

Suggestions? I have Morel Maxximo 6.5 components in the front and a Memphis Audio 4x125 for starters. Budget? $100-$150? I don't need super audiophile stuff because it's a race car, but I don't want to buy some crappy coax that's going to start breaking up before I can hear it over the road noise...

09-20-2012, 07:35 AM
A lot of entry level components and coaxial speakers from the same family are exactly the same when it comes to woofers and tweeters.... e.g. JL Audio C3, C5, Alpine Type-R, Infinity Reference, etc. Even your morel maximos, when they come in coaxial form, they use effectively the same woofer and tweeter as component maximos. The real difference between coaxial and comps is that comps tend to have a better crossover (often 2-nd or 3rd order instead of 1st or 2nd order respectively used by coaxial speakers) and the ability to mount the tweeter separately. Some speakers are actually convertible between coaxial and comps (Massive Audio, HAT Imagine, etc) so in those cases the coaxial and comps are the same. So I wouldn't jump immediately to a conclusion that coaxial speaker is always worse.

I honestly wouldn't bother with installing comps in the rear of car. If you want something with good SQ reputation consider Hybrid Audio Mirus 5x7 coaxial, which is based on HAT Imagine. Another possibility is to use a coaxial version of JL Audio C3-570 or C5-570. Alpine Type-R SPR-68 should be ok speaker too. Finally, if you like the sound of your Morel speaker, you could install the same in the rear in order to match their tonality, etc.