View Full Version : Pioneer avhp4400-bt help

Buttered Toast
09-16-2012, 01:28 PM
Hi gang! New to the forums and to car audio in general. I look forward to spending some time reading though the site soaking up some knowledge. But alas I come to you seeking help like most newbies do I assume lol. I recently bought and installed a pioneer avhp4400bt in my truck and love it. I have downloaded to cd some images and wanted to set as a background ... Now here's my question...

After I capture and save my image is there a way to have it show without all the clutteredness of everything else on the screen? Is there a way to remove or hide the song titles, artist, album? Or the huge radio station numbers? Time? I would like to see my background not a entire screen of writing.

How about when I hit the mode button and it makes my screen go black , can that some how be set to show my background pic in stead???

Thanks for any help !!!!!!! See you guys around the boards!!!!!!

09-17-2012, 07:07 PM
I have the same unit. Pretty much, nope. If you insert a DVD or flash drive with the pictures you want, you can click the little "camera" icon on the side while the music is playing, and select the pictures you want to view, but I'm not sure if it'll play music as well behind it. Personally, I love the head unit myself, its great! If you have an iphone and the Pioneer cable you can stream netflix to the head unit.