View Full Version : SOLD/CLOSED Boston Acoustics G5 10 + GTR10

08-25-2012, 02:17 AM
Product Brand & Model:
Boston Acoustics G5 10
Specs (http://ap.bostonacoustics.com/assets/bostonmobile/Manuals/G5_GTR_Man.pdf)

Condition of all items:
Freshly reconed with BRAND NEW single 4 ohm Voice coil/soft parts!
I will include to buyer a brand new GTR10 passive radiator! This will make the sealed G5 10 in a tiny .5 cuft sound like its ported version without having to add any additional power or increase the box size at all!

GTR10 was only opened to change the tuning to 30hz, still new never been used!

Total Price: :
200 + shipping

Shipping Terms: :
Shipping will be in a super well protected box, I will ship both items separately to the same buyer, I will not split up.

Pictures: -

Additional info:
This was going to be the sub setup in my daily driver and man was I looking forward to it, but I'm in a tight bind right now and could use the extra cash. I payed about 80 for the soft part recone, about 130 for the sub, and another 60 for the brand new gtr10.

Doing the math I'm at 270, willing to let go for 200 + shipping