View Full Version : Subwoofer repair problems driving me nutts....Can anyone help?

08-14-2012, 06:36 PM
26535290265352912653529226535293265352942653529526 535296I have a 6 month old Rockford Fosgate Punch P3 D412 12" Subwoofer that had a torn poly foam surround. Well it had a few small tears, so I cut the extra surround off and scraped off all the surround that was left on the casket. I've replaced entire cones, just the surrounds, and dust caps before. I have never ran into anything like this because it's so new. The dust cap on this sub is one of those huge 8 inch flat ones and the cone is only 9 inches. The rest of the 12" is the Poly Foam Surround wich is what I need to replace. The problem is I cannot find the exact surround to fit and I cannot get the cone to seperate from the old surround. This has been driving me nutts!! Fosgate won't help at all and they won't even give me any hints on where to get the parts. The sub has now warranty because a friend of mine who works at an ABC warehouse bought a pair with his employee discount and he sold me one of them. I'm not going the warranty route because he said there was no warranty because he got such a good deal on an open box item? So back to the sub, I have the outer edge on the metal casket scraped and ready to glue and now I'm just stuck on where to get the new surround and what to use to get the cone to detach from the inner surround edge it's still connected to. Every other time I've done this on a Cerwin Vega sub or a JL Audio sub or even an older Fosgate Punch Power DVC 15"; rubbing alchol always loosens up the old glue. Not working this time! There is just a little bit left of the old frayed edge on the cone. If anyone would like better pictures emailed to them just leave me an email address. Any help would be very appreciated from anyone. I am new here so if I screwed up writing this thread at all, I am sorry.