View Full Version : Ti 6.5 Elite

04-01-2004, 01:27 AM
I just got the set in and cant wait to get them hooked up. Waiting on the Q-forms now. Anybody running these? Cant seem to find anything about them as far as reviews go. Will be running a pair of Kicker RMB8's in the doors and a pair of R19 in the pillars stereo off of a zx4000 with the Ti in the Kick panels running off of a Kicker 600.4 running mono @ 300x2. Any suggestions on this setup??


04-01-2004, 10:24 PM
i've heard both items, the kicker rmb8 and the pg elites 6.5 in seperate applications.

that being said, the elite speakers are very nice, designed by PG assembled by morel, they have a very detailed tweeter and a nice midbass presence, but that depends on the install. q-forms are not going to cut it, if you can return them do it, and build your own fiberglass kicks or pay someone else. i think that unless you do some creative crossovers there will be some midbass imbalance up front... it'll sound nice, make no mistake, just a little odd and you'll have to play with your crossover settings quite a bit to get the imaging right. the kicker tweeters are very silibant, they hiss too much for me but see what you can do with them, maybe off axis will improve their response. and that's perfect power for the elites.

just remember, ditch the q-forms or use them as a template for fiberglass kicks. worst $100 i ever spent was on qforms :(