View Full Version : 3 series car speaker selection

08-11-2012, 11:11 PM
Hello everyone,

I want to put in speakers in my car. The only problem is that I have a 4" diameter and 10 cm depth max out capacity. I have done some research and the Focal VRS 100 is awesome but way too over priced. I took a look at the Infinity 4012i and it looks like a great speaker for a great price.

However, I just came across the Rainbow MR 100 SLC NG and it is also priced competitively but there are NO REVIEWS!!!

So, for anyone that ever had these speakers please chime in. Also, if any of you guys have any other recommendations for speakers, shoot. I dont want to go over $300/pair.

Also the stock BMW HiFi amp is capable of 180 W (6 channel) 25 X 4, 40 X 2. So would I need to upgrade my amp for the inside speakers or is the stock amp good enough?


08-11-2012, 11:29 PM
Spending that much on 4" speakers is pointless. I had a truck with 4's in the dash, went though about 6 sets, stopped when I got the Hertz DCX 100's they sounded great on 25RMS.