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08-02-2012, 10:15 PM
anyone have any personal experience running this particular st i am thinking of putting 2 sets in the front of my truck.

HD 6MO Pro - 6.5" Professional Component System
Sound experience way over your expectations from a 6.5" component set.

All environment Professional engineered mid-woofer.
Just stunning performance super clean natural up-front sound stage

HD-6MO Pro 6.5" - "Contoured Dispersion Technology" mid-woofer is very smooth and efficient. The injection molded design is the most durable 6,5" woofer in the market, it handles the toughest car audio environment, designed to handle and withstand even the toughest marine and motorcycle environment. There is no comparison in the market to this extremely robust 6.5" mid-woofer design. The Kevlar/fiberglass cone material is among audiophile listeners considered the best for sound quality. Due to it’s extreme robust design this system carry a 10 Year limited warranty.

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HD 6MO Pro
Professional Component System

Technical specs and contents:

•1 pr HD-6MO 6.5" Professional engineered 6.5" mid-woofer
•1 pr EX-540 24dB Elliptic 2-way crossover
•1 pr HD-100 1" silk tweeter
•Power handling: 200 watt RMS @ HPF 120Hz.
•Frequency response: 55Hz-20.000Hz
•Impedance: 4 Ohm
•Sensitivity: 88.8dB Mounting depth 4" woofer 1.6""
•Flush and surface tweeter housings

The carbon reinforced mix-fabric paper cones offer ideal stiffness and damping. The curvilinear cone shape prevents cone flex and break up. This provides clean mid-bass even at higher levels. The always-critical midrange frequencies are clear and precise with no distortion from "ringing." The midrange driver use real butyl surrounds, not merely a mixed butyl compound. This provides longer, more linear excursion, and a far longer life because it's UV resistant.

When you buy from CDT Store you get full support for your sound system custom design and installation with extensive on-line help and technical consultation including personal voice communication at our toll-free help-line virtually assures optimal result. CDT Audio sound systems are made by parts from USA, China and some other regions worldwide.

08-03-2012, 10:46 AM
I've sold the ES-6MOPro set on this forum, and there are only minor differences between that set and HD-6MOPro. They will handle a lot of power when used correctly, and they should sound amazing. Make sure you do as you would with any good speakers and do sound deadening. CLD, CCF, and MLV will do wonders if you put them in your doors.

08-03-2012, 01:16 PM
Yes I am wanting ******* mid bass to replace the dd w6 5's I currently run.