View Full Version : Need a box design for 92 camaro

07-30-2012, 08:40 PM
I'm looking to get a new box design for my 92 camaro. I need a box for 2 SA 12s That will be on 2200 rms. I need a box that will go in the well area. Right now there in a box that's only 1 cube per sub with 2 3 inch aeroports 11.25" long. The subs are not as loud as I thought it would be so I'm going to try a new box. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I would prefer a box with interchangeable parts 1 for daily and 1 for spl competitions. I can get measurements tomorrow if needed thanks again. Jon

08-20-2012, 12:31 PM
OK I'm going to bump this. i figured that after 2 weeks and 175 views that my post might be needing some rewording to get some help. i want a design for a new box for my 92 camaro either one that will go in the well area or one that that will in place of the back seat. the max space i have available is 22H X 42W X 16D. and that would pretty much be a wall. so with that space what would be that best box design. actually wall it? subs up port back? everything forward? when i build the box i would like to use a 8 inch aero port and be able to swap them one for daily(30hzish) and one for just comps(50ish). any help would be appreciated. -Jon