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07-28-2012, 04:10 PM
Since I get the same requests over and over and over again Ill post this here.

Q1: Why was my post deleted?

A1: Your post was deleted because it didnt follow the rules. Outside of the dome there is no trolling, name calling, off topic posts. The Thunderdome is where you keep those things. The only rules in the Thunderdome are no racial slurs and no nudity/partial nudity.

Q2: Why does my thread say it needs moderator approval?

A2: As an anti-spam feature the forum requires new users to have so many posts before they can post images or links. Outside of that the post will say that it needs moderated.

Q2-1: Why does my thread never get approved?

A2-1: Your thread will never be approved because moderators do not have the ability to approve those threads. We can not retrieve the contents. Try posting again without the images and links.

Q3: Will you lock my classified thread?

A3: A moderator will not lock your thread. You have the ability to lock your own classified threads once an item has sold. Follow these steps:

-Navigate to the classified thread in question
-Just under the reply to thread button at the top of the screen is an option bar.
-Select the Thread Tools drop down menu
-Select Mark this thread as sold

Q4: How do I leave iTrader feedback after a transaction?

A4: To leave an iTrader feedback follow these steps:

-You find the classified thread that you bought the item from.
-You copy the URL that shows in the address bar when viewing said thread.
-Click iTrader number next to sellers name.
-Enter the details and paste the URL into the deal thread URL box.
-Finish filling out the details.

Q5: Why was my classified thread deleted?

A5: It was deleted because it didnt follow the rules. There is a template for a reason and yes pictures are required.

Q6: I think Im being scammed. Can you help me?

A6: No the moderators will not help you. It is not our job to make sure transactions go smoothly. It is your responsibility as a buyer to get all the information you can (cell phone, name, phone, address, email, etc.) before a transaction is completed. If you feel that you are getting scammed make a post in the feedback area of the classifieds with all the information you can provide, which includes emails, private messages, and other feedback from the seller. The community has a proven track record for helping with situations like this where ever possible.

What moderators will do is do an IP check. We will check for IP addresses that an account was created with and logged on with and cross check usernames that have used those IP addresses. If a user has multiple screen names we will provide only the other screen names that are associated with their IP addresses.

Q7: Why do other people get away with breaking the rules but I got in trouble?

A7: The moderators cant read every thing posted. If a post breaks the rules use the report function in the lower left hand corner of a post. If we feel action needs to be taken we will. The most important rules to remember are:

-No racial slurs. They will get you an instant ban.
-No nudity or partial nudity. Google will cut ad funding for the site, keep it clean.
-Trolling outside of the Thunderdome. Keep it in the Thunderdome and out of the technical sections. There is a time and place for it.
-Post Dumping in the classifieds. If your not interested in an item or you feel its over priced, keep your mouth shut and move on.

11-17-2012, 03:41 PM
Q5 Amendment: Why was my classified thread deleted?

A5: It was deleted because it didnt follow the rules. There is a template for a reason. You must follow the template. Pictures are also required. If you have less than 10 iTrader feedbacks from selling on CarAudio.com you must post a current picture with username and date on a sheet of paper. If you have more than 10 iTrader feedbacks from selling on CarAudio.com pictures are still required. However, they do not require a username and date on a sheet of paper.