View Full Version : Upgrading to an iPod compatible headunit. JVC vs Kenwood vs Alpine.

07-27-2012, 12:45 PM
Hey guys,

I'm currently in a 2006 Holden TK Barina.

Current Stereo: Please do a google image search of: "tk barina stereo". It should be the 2nd result, with the stereo out of the car, and a relative close up.

However I want a stereo that has iPod connectivity.

The current stereo is a 2-dinn, however I could go a 1-dinn.

All the following are in the same price range.

2-dinn option:
Please look up: "JVC KW-R700BT"

1-dinn options:
Please look up: "Kenwood KDC-U5049DAB"
Please look up: "Alpine iDA-X305S"
(Sorry for the lack of links, it's forbidden for a new user).

Please ignore pricing on the site, as I can get all for the same price.

I like the idea of double dinn, just for the design, however i'm not sure the JVC utilities it because of it's large font, but it seems to be the only one of the 3 that provides Bluetooth connectivity without buying an adapter (which is a plus).

The Kenwood is the only one with DAB+ (digital) radio, (another positive).

The Alpine seems to be the most expensive (RRP), and the most attractive, but is looks all it has going for it?

What i'm after, is iPod connectivity out of the box, and Bluetooth (or additional adapters) can come later.

I just want to know overall, what is the best head-unit. Do you have a personal opinion of the sound quality given from a particular unit, or how easy it is to navigate (please tell me the reason).

I was originally looking at the double-dinn JVC, but the Alpine and the Kenwood have their own positives.

Please let me know your opinions. I'll be making a choice from Wednesday.


07-28-2012, 06:53 AM
After all that, I've bought a Pioneer DEH-8450BT.