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07-26-2012, 03:09 PM
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Precision Power PC2600 2 channel monster power car amplifier

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This Power Class PPI amplifier is a beast. This amplifier was found at a old Magnolia Hi-Fi after they discontinued doing Car Audio, It spend it life as a wall display never powered just for show then put back in its origninal box not to be seen again for years.

I have tested this amplifier in every ohm load and it works flawless. The Chrome finish is in pretty good contition for its age, it has a few scraps here and there from being moved around in the box with out the plastic bag over it. The silkscreen has some wear on it from the PPI sticker and the warning lables rubbing around on top it is still intact and looks good just pointing it out!

The original warranty sticker is still intact the amplifier has never been opened or repaired 100% original untampered amplifier.

This amp is a classic monster rated at 600rms at a 4ohm load bridged it can do well over 800 at 14v bridged mono.

Comes with the Original box, Warning insert, 4g power/ground terminals, speaker plug. and the Original Lightning Bolt window logo sticker.



150x2 4ohm

300x2 2ohm

600x1 4ohm


300.00 obo

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25.00 shipping ConUS

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Sold for a **** good offer!