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07-26-2012, 07:33 AM
Hey guys
I am making an enclosure this weekend and just need a few things answered before i start. The box is for an alpine type x 12" which will be running off an alpine MRX m1100 at 1100 watt RMS 2 ohm load.
I was thinking a 2.0 cubic ft box. What do you think?
Also i'm not sure what port size i'm going to need. Its a normal round port with the plastic tube, not a slot port.
Thank you

07-26-2012, 08:30 PM
bump! anyone?

07-26-2012, 08:32 PM
build the box to alpines specs

07-26-2012, 08:34 PM
2 3in ports

07-29-2012, 07:52 PM
i would never design enclosure to specs. one reason is the design given by the company alpine is made to work ok not great in pretty much every vehicle and pretty much any music genre . now if you design a enclosure for a specific vehicle and music preference power available and so on . you would be 10x happy with it then enclosure design to specs.. just my 2c.
if you need a design pm me . ill be glad to help