View Full Version : Same Speakers, added more sound deadening, less bass and bass kick afterwards

07-24-2012, 08:32 PM
Hi Forum, new here and look forward to learn and share as much info we all can benefit from.

I originally added one layer on the external outer door area right behind the speaker from top to bottom and about 17 inches, sealed the internal layer and the whole door but left the outer layer from the center toward the end of the door without Sound deadening material.

I was happy with the result, except I heard a rattle that was duplicated when I lifted the door opening handle and lease it, or tap near the door handle and I could tell I needed SD near the door handle on the external layer.

Then I decided I needed to add more SD since I had extra of the exact same kind, this time I covered the whole external door layer top to bottom and added a double layer just behind the 6 1/2 speaker and went about 4 inches passed the speaker with the double layer, no bobbles left. Speaker polarity is good.

I did one door first and I tested it, I could not tell much difference between the 2 except that I could increase the bass quite a bit maybe even to the max with some music material and I had no rattles on the completed door and the other door not completed rattled.

I finished the other door ,both doors gave me the same positive result eliminating the rattle.

My issue is that I hear less bass, and feel less kick to it, same music and source, I can adjust the bass higher and the sound or bass does not seem to really increase that much, same thing goes for the volume compared to before.

I feel like before even if I was listening to some resonances I had more bass and could feel it more.

Any suggestions or comments? nothing changes same system and music, simply added more SD and now I have less bass and less kick.

Is it possible that I expected too much or my ears simple can't detect the improvement?



07-27-2012, 01:20 AM
Not positive but the double layer behind the speaker could be affecting the mid base performance. If I can find the link there is a good right up on deadening your door that should explain my thinking a bit more.

07-27-2012, 01:30 AM
Sealing up the holes in your door should help mid bass response.

07-27-2012, 11:13 AM
Thanks for the advice, not much later I posted this, I found a sticky thread on SD, I have 1" mdf rings flushed to the door and no gaps, but I may add sd over them or a caulk rope behind them the to seal them better and I will read more on that sticky thread to pick up more tips and if that double layer just behind the driver affected or reduce some bass.
Maybe it is just a perception issue, I did seal the door the best I could, there is huge hole that even though it is sealed it may need a panel to seal the air better.