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07-18-2012, 12:06 AM
Review of: AlphaDamp

I dont post here much, i mostly just browse, but i was one of the lucky ones to win the Free Alphadamp so here is my review.

Let me start off by saying that before i had won this, i purchased some for my roof and had amazing results. Here is the pics and a before and after vid of that

DSCN0629 - YouTube (http://youtu.be/HvXseTijoA8)

when it came this is what it looked like

the only thing i wish was when they shipped it they did something to protect the corners better so they didnt get bent up by the UPS man who doesnt care lol

then the fun began


then i got in that zone where you forget to take pictures and i finished



and a video of the same song at the same volume level, nothing changed

DSCN0641 - YouTube (http://youtu.be/lS7cVsfdThI)[/quote]

So when i found out i won, i was excited because i had been wanting to do my doors.

When it arrives it looks just like the product i received before, good consistency. Once again i wish they packaged it a little better do the corners didn't get bent up but thats no big deal


Door wiped down and cleaned


I split it up 10 Sq ft per door, i put a good amount on the outer skin because it rattled the most and i thought would be the most beneficial



I did put some on the inner skin covering what holes were not needed. but leaving needed holes and not covering and bolts


I tried to take some before and after vids but had camera issues and they didn't come out right

So what do i think?
Applying the alpha damp do the doors was a much larger challenge than applying it to the roof. Because of the thicker foil, cutting and applying it to curves and crevices was not fun. I got a chance to help deaden a friends door with another brand and it was not as bad. But i only have to do it once so i would choose the alpha damp with the thicker foil.

When i finished one door i sealed the truck up and played it at about half volume and noticed a great difference between the doors. I was very impressed.

I finished up and went for a ride and immediately the light rattle at low volumes at red lights was gone. I was very excited about that as that had annoyed me to death. But other than that i didn't notice much of a difference inside of the cab as i had with the roof.

For about the last week or so i have been bass less waiting for my new subs and i must say that i now notice a larger difference in the mid bass range from my door speakers. The play much more crisper and have a lot more range.

Overall thoughts of the product are, my expectations have been exceeded once again by a great product and i would recommend alphadamp to anyone who wants to achieve more with less and can understand what spending a little more money gets you


07-18-2012, 12:07 AM
Heres 2 more pictures i had to take out because of the 10 pic limit