View Full Version : Alpine IDA-X001 - unable to read USB drive

07-17-2012, 04:00 AM
I recently installed an Alpine IDA-X001 into my '00 Ford Mustang GT with the Mach 460 audio system.

I ran a female to male USB cable from the back of the Alpine head unit to a USB drive. When I try to read the USB drive, the headunit gives "device check" or some other message which basically states there is no USB drive attached.

How can I fix this issue?

Side Show
07-17-2012, 04:15 AM
what size is the drive? also is it a FAT32 format..... pritty sure most will only handle upto like 8gig

07-17-2012, 04:57 AM
It is a 4gb drive and I believe FAT32.

07-19-2012, 12:04 AM
I tried a different USB drive which is also FAT32 and an 8gb and it works with the alpine. Strange.