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07-17-2012, 02:55 AM
Hey, so I purchased 2 American Bass XD-8 subwoofers, and I need help building a box, I listen to rap, hip hop, rock, metal, and D&B. I'm pretty sure a sealed enclosure would be good, but need to know if it will hit the low end notes decently, I'm a SPL head first, SQ 2nd, but I heard these subs bump so I'm pretty sure it will give me the SPL I want even with a sealed enclosure. Enough of this rambling, what I need is both advice, and help on building an enclosure, I had a thread open about needing help deciding, but now I need help with the box, what is the recommended box volume? I tried emailing american bass but I haven't gotten a response from them, and it's been a while since Mobile Dynamics that I forgot the formula's to find the optimum box volume sealed or vented. Anyways, if you don't want to give me the direct answer, and instead give me the info I need to figure it out, I'll give it a go, but it's been a while and my lingo of terms is out of date LOL...here are the specs from the site;

XD-8 dual 4 ohm, I have two so I'm going to wire them down to a 2 ohm load, in paralle, this is what I can do, correct?, they have 8 ohm and 2 ohm specs.


Imp (ohm): 8/2

Dcr (ohm): 6.8/1.58

L (Mh): 4.72/1.116

Fs (Hz): 44.765/45.303

SD (msqM): 20.106/20.106

BL (TM): 16.978/8.035

Qms: 4.785/5.465

Qes: .693/.693

Qts: .605/.615

EBP (Hz): 74/74

n (%): .137/.128

SPLo (dB): 83.4/83.2

Vas (L): 6.95/7.121

Cms (mmm/N): 121.08/124.06

Mms (g): 104.4/102.5

Mmd (g): 102.76/100.85

Xmax (+/-): 11.5/11.5

OD (mm): 214/214

MD (mm): 120/120

BC (mm): 120/120

Here is the site, so if you want to see the layout of how they did it you can

American Bass - XD 844 (http://www.americanbassusa.com/product.detail/product_id/126)

Hopefully someone can help me, I at least need a box volume that would be optimum for both seal and vented, that way I can play with the dimensions since this is going in a Tacoma single cab.

07-17-2012, 08:41 AM
Id give them .6 cubes a piece with 18 sq inches of port tuned to 35. I wouldnt expect too much out of them with such low power handling... but they will still get down.