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07-16-2012, 04:25 PM
Hey guys. My name is Travis(though I got by renswic IRL as well). I'll be 30 this friday and have been married for nearly 4 years and have 2 most awesome kiddos. I found this forum a few years ago(08 by the looks of my first post).

Not much in the the really big bass or boxes eating up all the storage space, would like to do that to my truck, but with kids the space is needed. Everything I tend to do is from a budget stand point as well.

Right now we have 2 cars. My 1991 Chevy s10 4x4 'Baja' edition. and my wife's 96 Ford Explorer.

Audio for them:
91 Baja:
Dash speakers; JunkButLoud 4x6's(came with a parts s10 blazer)
Rear speakers; stock 4x10
H/U; Alpine IDA-X305S(gift from a friend, music is ran though a iPod Nano or a flash drive)
Amp; Power Acoustic CH2-200
Sub; 10in kicker sub from the mid 90s(back before they came out with square ones)

Power is coming via 2g into a distro block and down to 4g(max the amp I used to use can hold). ran a 2g from the front simply because it is less to do later when i acquire speakers worthy of a 4ch amp and start using 2 amps.

Explorer is simple. Stock speakers and a Kenwood KDC-228(came with it). Who ever installed that head unit needs to be executed. Rather then spend the extra money on a harness that would work with the JBL factory audio, including the factory sub. they just cut the plugs off both ends of the harness and rand new speaker wire from the H/U.

No real plans for the Baja as it works well enough for me at the moment. At some point I'll have to swap back to the Sony Xplod 800w wally world amp I was given as the Power Acoustic will fit behind the trim panel in the Explorer where its factory sub and amp were. But first I need to grow a pair and build a box for the Explorer.

That's about all I got, if anyone wants pics of what I'm running lemme know.

07-16-2012, 04:33 PM
Welcome back! And pictures are more than welcome at anytime! And building a box is not as hard as it seems. If my cripple as-s can do it, anyone can,lol

07-16-2012, 04:36 PM
Welcome !

07-16-2012, 04:38 PM
Welcome back! And pictures are more than welcome at anytime! And building a box is not as hard as it seems. If my cripple as-s can do it, anyone can,lol

X2..lol:santa:Welcome sir

07-17-2012, 03:04 AM
Ok, ok. I'll throw up pics that I have of the stuff in my 91 Baja, other wise known as Das Baja.

Note that the pics are out of order timeline wise, but it will be easier on me to do it this way.
New battery as of last month. To clear up what I'm sure most of you will see. the read cable coming off of the ground side is in fact a ground. I ran out of black cable, after using it to make a new pos side run to the starter earlier this year. Anywho, using the side posts for the factory wires and power leads to my relayed powered fog and grill guard lights. The Scosche part up top(found at walmart on clearance for $1) feeds power to the circuit breaker and also to my relay powered headlights.

Said circuit breaker in its old temp mounting spot(current mounting is shown in the battery pic).

Distro block. Wire run was easy. Battery to factory antenna grommet(last owner cut the antenna cable inside the cab so I just took it all out) then down the passenger side and into the block.
It has some sort of gauges and blue leds in it. That's not hooked up due to it always being on and making a high pitched whistle. Any ideas on how to fix that? It has a black wire that has a ring terminal on it and turns on when that wire is grounded.

The Alpine IDA-X305S. I have a real love/hate relationship with this H/U. Love how it works with the iPod products. Hate how little adjustment there is for sound settings unless you buy the imprint kit. HATE HATE HATE how the screen on it is 100% useless with the tiniest amount of sunlight hitting it.

The Power Acoustik CH2-200 amp that the dristo block feeds. Old old amp, but produces some awesome sound.

The Kicker 10in sub, I have very little infor on it other then it is from the early-mid 90's. I bought it at a 2nd hand store here for $10 because I wanted the box. The cheapskate in me decided to test it and it worked, and sounded better(ALOT better :p) then the 10in Sony sub i had in there.
Last pic shows the old amp being used, it is now in storage until I have to move the PA amp into the explorer.

No pics of the JBL speakers or stock ones, after all once you have seen a crappy speaker, you have seen them all :p

That's what I use in Das Baja, cheap? Yes, the H/U, dristro block and breaker were gifts from a friend. I have $10 into the sub, $5 into the amp, most the speaker wire was free from junk yards after cash 4 clunkers and the JBLs came in a parts blazer I paid $35 for(made over $500 from parts I didn't need and scraping the rest so I call them freebies)

I do have a vehicle build log here (http://www.s10forums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=4546) that covers all mods done since I got Das Baja in 09.

For the Explorer. I don't think we have a pic of the H/U. I know building a box is kinda simple, but it will be new for me and I plan to shoehorn it into the factory spot with the goal to NOT cut into the factory trim.