View Full Version : Pair of DC level 4 MOTORS...and 15" components to build them for a goood price!

07-13-2012, 12:48 AM
1. Product: 2 DC Lvl 4 motors(m1), new chrome 4 spoke basket pair with brandnew gaskets, 2 pairs of cotton spiders for the baskets, and 3 1/0 wire couplers, pair of 15" cones, pair of dustcaps. Also, i'm throwing in tube terminals.

The only things missing for a complete kit will be a voice coils, and tinsiles. I do have tinsiles i can give for free but alot of them have stringy ends but i can look.

2. Specs: 3" vc motors with WIDE gap, can fit flar 8 layer in them..Request if you need ID/OD specs and i will post. 3x8" cotton spiders, lightweight 15" Sundown cone variation similar to zv2 if not the same, with dustcap groove, appox 6" Skylon audio dustcaps.

3. Description/Condition: Everything is brandnew minus the motors, thems are used but are fully functional. Motors have some cosmetical wear on the plates, some scratches. couplers have never been opened.

I also have sundown caps i can swap with the skylon ones, or I can use acetone to safely remove the logo if you want a blank look. Personally I love the skylon caps, they look good.

I personally wanted to use em but I have to sell rightnow, gotta make some money.

4. Price: : 400 Plus shipping for everything. For shipping I will use FR boxes for the motors and make it as cheap as possible, it may be around $32 for everything shipped. If you are interested in a 3rd level 4 motor and basket asembly or you want to do 10"s instead with chrome 4spk basks I can arrange that. Separating may cost a lil more alone but Idk for sure as I need money rightnow. I cannot take trades as I have stuff to pay for.

5. Pictures:





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mockedup pic, bump..


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Would sell a single motor?