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I have for sale 4 jl xr570 5x7's with two crossovers, I lost the other two. But you can find them on eBay for rather cheap. They are in great condition. They sound good for being jl:P I'm not really a fan of jl audio lol. If you have any q's just ask. I'll be happy to answer

Specs from the box: (credit from btolenti I have the same exact ones as him)

eff: 90.5dB @ 1W/1m, 96.5dB @1W/0.5m
Sens: 93.5dB @ 2.83V/1m
4 ohm impedance
freq resp: 48Hz - 25kHz +/-3dB
2.7" mounting depth

mineral-filled polypropeylene cone
butyl rubber surround
1" voice coil
low profile symmetrical roll spider
ferrite magnet

1" aluminum dome with soft synthetic rubber suspension
ferrofluid cooling/damping
neodymium magnet
angled swivel mount system

outboard crossover design
adjustable tweeter level
premium capacitors and inductors
1st order low pass filter
2nd order high pass filter

I'll keep it cheap considering I don't have the other 2 crossovers.
Start it out at $125 shipped but I'd really like to trade for some 1/0 ofc wire. Maybe a spool. I need about 35-40 feet
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Shipping on me.

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Pics will be later today because I'd rather wait til I have a decent camera rather than a crappy iPhone pic.

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pik tures lol

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Read under item pictures they'll be up soon

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As promised all of the photos I took. If you have any specific pictures you want taken just ask:D
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