View Full Version : question on how i should run my 3 way front stage

07-06-2012, 10:10 AM
i have 2 nib arc amps i guess im going to use...i actually have 3 arc amps...
2050 50 x 2
4050 50 x 4
2100 100x2

was going to run just 2 amps because of the current draw...could run all 3 also...would have to run my 1/0 kit i have in the drawer..
drivers are a morel tempo 6 comp set ,tweeters in the pillars,mids in the kicks,and dynaudio mw 180's in the doors.

this is my choices,want it nice and clean for the front stage,with the most output also.
if i ran all 3,
50 x 2 to the tweeters
100 x 2 to the mids
bridge the 4 to 2,and 200 x 2 to the midbass

50 x 4 run active to the mids/tweets
100 x 2 to the midbass in the doors.

bridge the 4 to 2,...200 x 2 to the comp set thru the passives
100 x 2 to the midbass

what setup do ya'll think would be the best?...thanks...
been running the 2050 for a few weeks now at 2 ohms,sounds pretty darn good too!!!

07-07-2012, 10:58 AM
i run 50W to each tweeter and midrange, then 100W to each midbass. it's plenty for me and when i did run a 60/100/200 arrangement i didn't play it any louder. it was capable of more, i just didn't need it.

the decision is driven by the distortion available in the amp. having much more power than you need is nice in terms of THD. you'll operate the amps in a very low THD range.

07-20-2012, 06:04 PM
Clean front stage with the most output? Option number one. So what if you dont use it all, think of all the dynamic headroom you'll have.