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06-29-2012, 01:01 AM
Mtx 15" two thousands 500 max 250 rms.. SIngle 4ohm I had these subs hooked up to a targa 500 rms amp back in 1997 an it thumped hard. Old School MTX rocks ! 1-10 i rate a 7

Cerwin Vega V-flex 12" Single 4 ohm subs 400rms 800 max... I had these subs hooked up to a Kenwood 400m car amp running 600 rms an these subs were amazing in a large ported box... I still have dream's of the headaces i endoured over these subs 1 out of 10 i rate a 8.5

Rockford Fosgate 12"XLC ingle 8ohm subs 250rm ? 500 rms its been a long time i still remember these subs in a Bandpass box with a Kenwood 742s 600 watt max amp... 1 out of 10 i rate 6.5

Kenwood Excelon DB+ 12" single 4 ohm subs 250rm 1000 max lol I was using the kenwood 401 mono amp in a duel ported q-logic band pass box wow these subs knocked me out of my mind some times... 1 out of 10 i rate 8.5

Mtx 8000 12" subs single 4 ohm " old school subs " i had these powered by the te801d and i was not impressed i even called MTX to let them know how i felt... the subs were underrated you need a huge amp to power these beasts 1 out of 10 i rate 8.0

Mtx 8500 12" subs single 4 ohm my current subs... I have not gotten thance yet to put these subs to the test but when i do its gonna be from a mtx 1501d :-)

06-29-2012, 03:16 AM
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