View Full Version : KDC-X889 Faceplate issues

06-28-2012, 01:52 AM
So I have an old Kenwood hu. It's one of the ones with the revolving faceplate. One day, i saw that my plate was stuck in the halfway position and dead as a doornail. I figured I'd screw with it later. I gave it a little tug and realized the faceplate came off. It came off and the bracket moved to its correct spot.

I went to reattach the plate, and it moves well. The plate lights up as it spins, but when it stops in position, the faceplate goes dark and unresponsive. I can still play through my aux line for about 30 seconds, but then the faceplate goes back to the halfway position and stays until the faceplate is removed.

Any idea what this could be and how I could fix it?

06-28-2012, 02:37 AM
The issue is ..its done..to fix it, is to rip it out and find the nearest trash can..Its had enough and time to replace..unless you want to send it to Kenwood and get it repaired for the price of a new unit and have fewer options..HU are vastly cheap to get these days..just replace it and move on..browse the classifieds, and even Ebay for another HU