View Full Version : 2011 Honda civic coupe SQ build

06-22-2012, 08:08 AM
This create is for my buddies new car, exclusive technique was simple and convert unseen but that easily customized. I preferred to keep everything as stealthy as possible but still give here a affordable showing system. I also preferred to improve shoes place while keeping the inventory shoes coating in an ability to availability the tummy fat. The returning place coating will be cut below enclosures so it can be removed while it looks like the whole aspect is still the same.
Stock HU
Alpine pxe-h650 processor
DLS Biggest A3 company
DLS Biggest UP6 components
Alpine PDX 1.600
JL audio 8w7

I preferred to protect up both amps, but found out the DLS is just too big, the Down will be unseen behind the amp plate for the DLS. The w7 walls is going in the other place from the amp plate.
I took a design of the visitor aspect place of the shoes for the amp plate and developed it up from there. I was concerned that the design would be very complicated to remove, however will all the metal aluminum foil and Pam the design released somewhat easily with help from a area system.

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