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06-21-2012, 06:04 PM
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I have a brand new Kinetic 16v. This battery has three post. One negative post, one 12 volt post and one 16 volt post. This battery can be used as a 12 volt battery and/or can be used as a 16 volt battery. I purchases this battery brand new from a car audio shop. I attempted to fit this in my stock battery tray, but this battery will not fit in my very small battery tray in my vehicle, so I am having to go with a smaller 34 group size battery.It's not an abnormally large size battery, its just that my stock battery location only allows very short batteries. I purchased this for $329 from my car audio dealer. Retails for $349

Also willing to trade for an XS D3400 since it is a Group 34 size battery

Battery is an AGM battery so it can be mounted on its side, upside down, or however you wish to mount it.

Kinetik HC16V Power Cell
With our dual post design for running at 12 volt or 16 volt, this bad boy has what it takes to run your amplifiers and equipment at peak performance. For high end systems, running multiple HC16V Power Cells will give you that edge you need to win.


Weight: 54lbs
Ah: 62
Dimensions: 10"x6.5"x8.2"
Suggested Retail: $349.99

Common Specifications

AGM Technology
Sealed Non-Spillable Design
Mount In Any Position
Ultra Low ESR
More Plates For Stronger Energy Density
Higher Voltage Under Load
Tightly Packed Cells
Superior Heat & Vibration Resistance

Item(s) Description/Condition: New

Price: $250 Shipped

Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Buyer pays actual shipping. I have a Fedex account so I get a discount.

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Do you still have this battery? If so, I'd be interested in trading an XS power D3400 for it (as you stated). I actually have 3 of them to sell all less than a year old. I'm stepping up to 16volts and can no longer use them. If you'd be interested, just Email me at [email protected] or call 912-398-1977, my name is Chris.