View Full Version : Final load on my comps are differing

06-06-2012, 11:19 PM
Recently noticed the final ohm load is differing between left and right side of my comps. Set is rainbow sac465 kick. Each woofer is a single 4 and the tweet I am unsure of but they both metered at 2.8 so...Btw they are cal 25s so maybe someone knows.
http:/http://www.rainbowcaraudio.com/sac465-25kick.html/ (/http://www.rainbowcaraudio.com/sac465-25kick.html/)
Based on this I should be at 2 ohm load, right?

Left side is showing 5 ohm and right side is showing 3 ohm. I've checked all the wiring and all the speakers except one of the mids in left door as its a pain to get to. Even if it was blown it seems like I still wouldn't have a 5 ohm load. Funny thing is when I noticed it originally left side was at 4 ohm and right side at 2 ohm.
What gives?!?!

06-06-2012, 11:26 PM
Forgot to add that each side has a crossover for the comps and a dedicated hpf. Could it be something in one of them going haywire?