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06-04-2012, 10:05 PM
Review of Amplifier:

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From the owners manual:
Power Ratings @ 14.4VDC
465 Watts RMS x 1 Channel @ 4 Ohms and 1%THD+N
750 Watts RMS x 1 Channel @ 2 Ohms and 1%THD+N
1150 Watts RMS x 1 Channel @ 1 Ohms and 1%THD+N

The Fusion power plant series are the second best series of amplifier Fusion has ever released, next to the NV line up. The 20001 is the flagship monoblock of the power plant series, and as far as I can tell is more powerful than the current monoblock flagship.

It has 4g power and ground wires, 4x25A inbuilt fuses, and all of the standard features you would expect from an amp like this; lpf, hpf, gain, bass boost, phase switch, and status leds. In terms of features it has everything you need. The lpf, hpf, and gain are easy to set, and I have no idea about the bass boost as you shouldn't be using it anyway. All of the controls and terminals are solid and tough, and should last for as long as you use it for, as long as you don't abuse them.

Where this amp shines is its ability to take a thrashing in a poorly set up system. This was the second monoblock I owned, and I was incorrect in my setup data. The 15" sub I had it running was a dual 1 ohm, I now believe, and I was running it at 0.5 ohms by mistake, thinking it was dual 2. The amp is not stable at 0.5, but dished out power like a champ right until I melted the voice coils on that poor 15" by giving it twice it's rated power and probably clipping my signal plenty too. During the time I had the amp running at 0.5 it was getting a measured voltage drop of down to 11.6v, and only went into protect a few times. Of course this was all before I actually joined ca.com and learnt a few things.
I still have the amp and it still runs perfectly, I guess the point I'm trying to make is that this thing seems near invincible, and buying a second hand one you should have no troubles at all.

As far as I can tell this amp will do a little under its rated power very cleanly, and I'm sure with more electrical support to keep it at 14.4v the whole time it would easily do rated. On stock electrical plus the big 3 I wouldn't recommend running it at over ~1000 watts rms.

Being a New Zealand designed amp I got it at a good price over here, but the overall verdict is that in the states unless you are picking it up for a bargain there is probably better out there. Think of it as a solid and reliable 1000 watt at 1 ohm monoblock, and compare prices to similar amps and you won't go wrong.

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