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05-30-2012, 09:53 PM
Unfortunately, I was extremely dis-pleased with my service at soundsational. About a year ago, I got my Image dynamics component speakers installed by them and one of them blew so I gave soundsational a call to see if they could check them out. They charged me like 250 dollars to install two front door speakers and my amplifier originally. On the phone, they told me to come in on saturday at 1 oclock, and I drove there on saturday and arrived at 1 to find out that they hadn't scheduled me for an appointment.

After scheduling another appointment for saturday at my already scheduled appointment, I asked them what the charge was going to be to get my speakers checked out to see what was going on with them and to see if they were blown or a wire just came loose. The owner of the store said that they WOULDN'T CHARGE ME anything to check it all out since I had it installed there and that they WOULD ONLY CHARGE ME FOR NEW SPEAKERS IF THE SPEAKER WAS BLOWN. When I arrived there on saturday, he told me there was a $35 troubleshooting fee. Since I drove 20 miles to get to this place for the second **** time, I thought I'd give them their $35 even though I paid an extremely hefty amount to get the speakers and the amplifier installed in the first place.

He talked about my speakers (Image Dynamics CTX65CS) as if they were garbage and couldn't stop blabbering about arc audio speakers that he wanted me to get installed. He even claimed that Image Dynamics was out of bussiness so I'd have a hard time getting another speaker and THIS WAS ABSOLUTE BOGUS as I contacted an Image Dynamics representative about my speaker prior to my wednesday appointment. I honestly felt like he was trying to play for me a fool.

I refuse to go to this place again, and if I were you I'd do your own research because the owner of this place is out to get deep into your pockets.

05-30-2012, 10:18 PM
Depending on the type of vehicle you have I can see being charged that much, but again it do depend on the vehicle itself...I charge $100.00 starting for an amp install and that DOESN'T include wiring. Co-ax in front is $50.00 and seperates are $75.00 again depending on the vehicle...so I can honestly see how that $250.00 came about...

06-01-2012, 01:55 PM
250 DIDN'T INCLUDE WIRING! I paid 100 for an amp kit offline that they installed. I have a 2005 mercury montego and I've taken off the door panels, it's as simple as a few screws and like one clip.

edit: I wouldn't take the time out of my day to leave a negative review on a company if I was anything less than extremely disappointed with their service.

I then told the owner I had 250 watts RMS at 4 ohms to work with for my subwoofer. He said he had a used Type R in a sealed box (looked like .5-.75 cubes). I then asked if it was the dual 2 ohm version or dual 4 ohm version, and he said that it didn't matter. He then explained to me that 250 watts RMS or even 125 RMS will work fine with the Type R. First off, From everything I've read on the forums, Type R's are better suited for ported boxes. Maybe 125 RMS on a type R would make it move a little bit, but why in the world would I by a subwoofer that can handle 4 times (if not more) the power I have to work with, it just doesn't seem economical or logical as I'm on a strict budget.

Because one of my rear speakers (stock speakers) was also blown, he also reccomended that I get it replaced with a $120 pair of Memphis audio speakers. I asked them if he had anything less expensive and he said that he didn't have anything less expensive that I wouldn't blow within a few weeks. MY REAR SPEAKERS ARE ONLY RECEIVING LIKE 20 RMS FROM MY HEADUNIT, AND THE CHEAPEST PAIR OF SPEAKERS THAT COULD HANDLE THIS 20 RMS WAS $120? Just about every aftermarket car speaker on the market can handle 20 RMS, and I know countless speakers (a few that are sold by Soundsational) that go for less than $120.

06-01-2012, 04:21 PM
I was only commenting on the installation quote cause it seemed as though you were saying that it was high.....as far as the rest of what went on, I would def be looking for another shop cause it sounds like they were just trying to sell you stuff they carry and not actually be helpful to you....