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Moble Enclosurs
05-30-2012, 01:10 AM
Hey guys, it's Mobile!

I have been working on some formulas the past 3 days, and I believe I may have come up with something usable in figuring out the solution to the whole hair trick dilemma and what is needed or required to get one going. I wrote a blog about it for general information and mainly for non-educational purposes, just to rant, but I wanted to dig deeper on this subject as many people have been asking me if they can do one or not with what they have since I published the blog.

SOoooo, I may have a working spreadsheet that can actually calculate whether or not you can achieve one just by plugging in information. It does not account yet for the size of an opening in your vehicle to achieve it, but I do have another possible solution with that one as well in the works that will react well with the current spreadsheet I have. I am not going to be disclosing the spreadsheet (maybe another time) yet, because I want to verify its accuracy and I need your input to do it.

Those that can pull off a hair trick, PM me or contact me on here and I will need to get the design prints from you to re-inact the performance of the design along with other information that I will disclose in PM or email that will be needed to ensure I always return a true statement in my formula for each one of you. If I am proven wrong, I will update that and work more on the formula and the possible errors that may exist.....some of which I am aware of now that are minor.

So, please, if you have a hair trick worthy setup, pm me or get ahold of me somehow and we can talk about this. Those who allow me to use their design to the fullest to get the information I need out of it will receive a full blueprint for only 9.99 each, one per person one time only.

I do not have the ability to build a bunch of worthy boxes right now, so let me know if you can help me out on this, as it may help you in the near and far future as well. :D
Thanks guys!