View Full Version : Skar Audio 1500W T/S Parameters & Specifications

05-25-2012, 11:40 AM
I know many of you have been bugging me for all of this information, so here it finally is! The Pre-Order will likely start next week around Weds on them! I posted tentative preorder pricing below for anyone wondering.

The first run of them will be available in 12"/15"/18" sizes and offered in D1 and D2 voice coil configurations. This line will be fully assembled upon arrival to the US ready to ship, with recone soft parts being kept in stock for you all. These tested extremely well and I am finally ready to release them! I have plans to release a 10" as well but those won't be in for around 5 months, where as these are due the end of July/Early August!

**CLICK THIS LINK TO PREORDER** (http://skaraudio.com/cart/index.php?route=product/category&path=60_67)

I will update this thread with more pics & video's as we produce them, but for now here you go!

*Official Name Pending* (Simply Calling it 1500W line for now)

*Testing was done with the D2 15" Final Prototype pictured below.

Voice Coil : 3” / 8 Layer Flat Wound Aluminum Coil
Triple Stack Ferrite Motor Slugs (200mm * 25mm)
20mm Top Plate
15mm Back Plate
6 Layer Poly Cotton Spider
Heavy Duty 8 Gauge Push Terminals

T/S Parameters
*Measured with a Dual 2 Ohm Subwoofer
*Basket will also be a gloss back

RMS Power : 1500 Watts

Fs : 34.93 Hz
Bl : 39.690 N/A
Qms : 6.769
Qes : 0.547
Qts : 0.506
Spl : 83.3 dB
Cms : 21.148 uM/N
Mms : 981.697 g
Le : 3.47 mH
Vas : 267.8 L


12" D2/D4
Pre-Order : $340.00
MAP : $420.00
MSRP : $530.00

15" D2/D4
Pre-Order : $360.00
MAP : $440.00
MSRP : $550.00

18" D2/D4
Pre-Order : $395.00
MAP : $480.00
MSRP : $590.00


*Magnet Boots as seen in the rendering will be on all production models