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05-12-2012, 08:31 PM
Hello all I am interested in getting a new system into my GMC crew cab (very tight fit for anything really)
but i am going to try my best to cram a ****** sub under the seat (actually two subs)
i am designing a custom fiberglass enclosure for the subs but need some info before i commit .

is there a diagram showing all the dimensions of the SA-8 v.2 all i can find is the mounting depth and hole cutout.. good start but i need to know magnet size, mounting surface to top of cone distance,
also minimum distance that the cone can be from any object it is facing when mounted ie. if i was to put a grill on the sub how deep should it be.

biggest thing i need to know is what is the distance from tip of magnet to max excursion of the cone. (also from the pictures the V2 subs do not have a vent hole on the bottom does this mean it can be mounted with no airspace between enclosure and magnet??

as for box what is recommended 1 chamber 2 subs 1 port? or 1 chamber 1 sub 1 port for each sub?
i always was told no matter the setup 1 chamber each sub but i have been seeing so many videos and pictures of multiple subs in a single chamber..

sorry for the questions but i would really like to know if i can make this work or else i need to go with 2 SD-2 10" in a sealed box.

05-12-2012, 10:59 PM
I have 3 of these the specs are the same as v.1 version but these handle more power.
SA Series (http://www.sundownaudio.com/index.php/products/subwoofers/item/sa-series.html?category_id=2)

05-12-2012, 11:07 PM
the listed mounting depth for the V.1 is 5 1/2" for the V.2 it is 6 5/8" as per the pre order thread?
this would make a huge difference in being able to fit ...
how much room should i have from mounting base (sub box surface) to the floor since i am doing a down firing box. to allow maximum cone travel and not have anything interfere with the movement of the cone.