View Full Version : 8" Silver Flute vs 6-1/2"?

05-11-2012, 09:27 PM
I'm planning on setting up a nice passive 3-way for my girlfriend's vehicle('04 Dodge Ram quad cab), and I was looking at the Peerless SLS(8"), Peerless Nomex cone HDS(6-1/2", 8"), and among a few others, the 8" and 6-1/2" Silver Flutes.

Whatever I choose will be a dedicated midbass in her front doors, and I'll amp them according to their RMS rating. Does anyone have any experience with any of these drivers? Or if not, do you have a suggestion for a different dedicated midbass? I'm obviously looking for the lowest distortion possible, with the flattest response I can get sealed in a door.

Why So Cereal?
05-11-2012, 10:38 PM
I had the Peerless HDS Nomex Exclusive mids (6.5) the midbass was strong and tight. I ran them on about 75-80wrms down to 63hz with a 12db slope and Im not easy on my equipment. They took it like champs. I could turn my subs off and crank them and make ppl think a small sub was in my dash (not me just talkin, I literally did this to a friend of mine). Reviewers say they aren't really midbass monsters thou and midrange is really where they shine but I think they'd do fine as dedicated midbass and will obviously play waaaay higher than the SLS, but the SLS is supposedly worlds ahead in true midbass output. So I guess a question to consider is how high do u need them to play?

05-11-2012, 11:13 PM
I'm still planning this whole thing, and I'm unsure about mid/tweet size and placement, so I've got choices. I think I want the midbass to go up to 200-300Hz, but I don't know if the SLS will sound good that high up, and I'm not sure if I've got enough room for a mid to meet it. If I get the HDS or similar, I'll probably cross around 800, which would allow me much more room as far as a mid goes. All slopes probably 12dB. And I have no idea what to expect for the Silver Flute 8".

How would you compare the Exclusives to other mids you've used? I was thinking about those as well.

Why So Cereal?
05-11-2012, 11:27 PM
The 6.5 Peerless SLS will reach to 300hz per reviews....idk about the 8...250 might be pushing it on the SLS. I'm thinking the Silver Flute will be fine up high. The Flutes were designed for 2 ways like the Peerless HDS so hi end extension shouldn't be an issue in your case at all. They get great reviews too so I doubt they'll disappoint.

When I dropped the Exclusives in, I was coming out of a 3 way front stage with Pioneer D-series mids on midbass duty and Tang Band bamboos on midrange....the Exclusives were much smoother in the midbass region than the Pioneers and midrange performance wasnt too far behind the bamboos. They have the most midbass of any mid I've used granted most were car audio mids as opposed to raw drivers. Even when pounding out the midbass, it's hard to get noticeable breakup from them. Using them as dedicated midbass, u probably won't notice any. They have almost 6mm of xmax similar to the HAT Imagine iirc and u can tell it in the way they perform. They won't shake your pants leg or anything when they hit but their presence will be known and they got nasty enough to where I had to fix some plastic accents on my door. All in all, I'd recommend them to anyone. Midbass or midrange, They do it well. Probably some of the best sounding mids I've ever used or installed. My ID CTX mids are probably the closest in midbass performance and they bottom out/break way before the Exclusives do. The only 6.5 driver I've yet to use with similar midrange performance was the Boston PRO.