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05-08-2012, 11:17 AM
it's finally time to start my car. it's been a long time waiting. been over 2 years since it's had a sound system. hopefully this is the last time i do an install in this car as I just want it to be my weekend warrior. the system is going to be simple. after sound is done the motor is next. this build will probably last till the end of summer or later (hopefully it gets done before). all the work will be done by me on free time over the weekend.

System Equipment:

Head Unit: JVC KD-X50BT ($106 shipped from Sonic Eletronics)
Crossover: Audiocontrol 6XS ($150 shipped from ca.com member)
Hi's Amp: Hifonics Titan Txi6408 ($150 shipped from eBay)
Sub Amp: Hifonics Titan Txi1508 ($180 shipped from eBay)
Tweeters: Cadence ZRS 40T ($45 shipped from Audiosavings)
Mid ranges: Cadence CVL64MBX ($170 shipped from Audiosavings)
Sub: TC-9 Motor w/12" Basket ($60 shipped from CACO member)
PSI Drop In Recone Kit ($165 shipped from PSI)
Wiring: Install Bay 0 and 4 gauge power, American Bass 16 and 12 gauge speaker wire (most bought in bulk roughly $400 for all spool, gonna have lots of left overs)
Accessories: Autometer Cobalt Volt Meter 6191 ($111 shipped from eBay)

Car is a 2000 Ford Focus ZX3


TC-9 Sub w/ PSI recone, will be going in a 2.1 cubic foot box tuned to 34hz with a 4" Aero port. box will be a quarter round shape and sub and port will be flush mounted.



Install Bay 0 gauge wire



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Cadence CVL64MBX Mid Ranges:




Cadence ZRS 40T Tweeters:


05-08-2012, 11:18 AM
JVC KD-X50BT Head Unit:


Door Bezel where tweeters will be mounted. Hole drilled with hold saw and trimmed to house tweeter mounting. used Loctite Slow Setting super glue. still needs to be blended and painted, hopefully to get done this weekend.


Autometer Volt Meter, yet to be mounted. it will be mounted in Dash bezel next to head unit where the factory ash tray was.


please stay posted as the fun (glass) has yet to begin.

05-08-2012, 06:30 PM
Wow, pretty beefy mid range. Curious as to how you're integrating them.

Also, what makes that volt meter so expensive?

05-08-2012, 06:51 PM
Wow, pretty beefy mid range. Curious as to how you're integrating them.

Also, what makes that volt meter so expensive?

just a 2 speaker pod in the door, nothing special. the volt meter is a 360 degree full sweep meter. most of the ones you'll see that are like this only have a 90 degree sweep or 270 degree sweep plus it lights up a pretty blue.