View Full Version : 2007 Camry sub/amp install

05-01-2012, 11:09 PM
Haven't touched a car stereo system beyond the volume knob in 20 yrs! Decided to add some bump to my Camry's already awesome factory-JBL stereo. Seriously, this stock stereo has surprised many ppl who hear it. I'm into 75/25 SQ vs SPL. Anyway...

I used a scotch-lock connector (i know ppl don't like em, but they r good enough for me) to tap into the orange colored antenna power booster lead behind the radio for my amp turn-on signal. It gives 12v only when the radio is on. I ran the power wire through a rubber grommet above the gas pedal. I used a straightened coat hanger from inside to punch through to the engine bay. I then taped the power wire to the coat hanger and pulled the wire through. It's a VERY tight fit. No moisture can seep past the wire. I used scotch lock connector to tap into the rear deck woofer wires behind the passenger seat for my high level input into the amp. There are 4 sets of twisted pairs in the wiring harness : 2 for tweeters and 2 for woofers. 1 woofer is grn/wht(+) & brn(-). The other woofer is blu(+) & yel(-). The red mark on the white wires in my pics indicates +. There are holes in the horizontal brace behind the rear seat that I ran all the wires through. I'm gonna use a JBL GTO 1214 in a 1 cu ft sealed box and a Kenwood 8105D.

05-01-2012, 11:29 PM
A lot of ppl are happy just adding a small sub to factory system. Report back when you finish.