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04-28-2012, 01:35 PM
I am trying to help out a friend and have turned up with absolutely nothing. He has come to me for box plans for his new sub, Massive audio Toro 12 2 ohm dvc. I built a box for my kicker l5 15" that turns head and would make you think twice about buying kicker, so he wants that same kinda wow that is coming out of a twelve factor that I am getting. Anyway he built a box that measures in around 1.875 cubic feet after displacements with a slot port tuned around 39-40 hz(he isn't a low note fiend like I am) Port area is about 11" per cubic foot so that isn't a problem, but it seems to bottom out a ton on a massive p1500.1 amp at 1 ohm, which is rated as a 1250 rms, the sub is 1200. The thing that is killing me is the specs for the sub.

Vas .829 cubic feet is tiny right? That makes a good box only like half a cubic foot, that can't be right.

Qts: .448 at 4 ohm, .328 at 1 ohm, both reasonable

Fs: 45 HZ!!! holy hell that is high, but as I look at a lot of similar subs they share some of these specs

How can a half a cubic foot box tuned to around 55hz be the perfect box haha, that is what every calculator is telling me. I have explored 4th or 6th or bandpass and even some 8th order quasi stuff that is a bit over my head. He has the sub wired to 4 ohm so its getting 650 according to the massive manual. It's loud as it is getting only half the power it can but it is more of a temporary setup until we figure something out. PLEASE HELP, whether it is be explaining how higher end subs with low qts values and small vas values and a high fs numbers can work in a nicely designed box, because the one to massives specs that he built will not interact well with this sub.

Moble Enclosurs
04-28-2012, 03:33 PM
Well, the thing about the specifications, is they are not an absolute on the optimum box, nor does VAS have to be the same as the actual volume, though a lot of cases it can be close. That does seem like a low VAS, but the xmax may also be low as well. I do believe they may be incorrect about those specs. It should be around .6-.75 cubes for that driver in acoustical compression. So, may want to look for more accurate specs on it. BUT, the Fs may be correct and a high Fs does not mean it cannot get low, nor be tuned low for proper output. Any driver can play any frequency you throw at it (take headphones for example), its just a matter of what kind of output and efficiency it will have at any given frequency, so do not let those specs tell you the optimum box. In reality, you want to design it based on a higher power output to adjust for limitations, whereas normal ts specs are measured in a low output form, BUT can be remeasured for break in and high output as well for more accuracy. Hope that helps, and try to get some different specs on that driver, and I believe it is an SQ driver if I am not mistaken. :D