View Full Version : TI10 1" MDF???

03-21-2004, 08:53 AM
So I ordered a pair of PG TI10d4. I will be adding them to my system. I plan on puting them in a ported box that will double as the center console. I have 2 jl10w3v2's in a sealed box under the rear seat for sq. I am wanting more of a sql system so I thought I would try a sealed and ported setup. If it does not work out I will just go with 4 sealed 10's. Finally to my question's. I downloaded the owners manual for the TI10 and it says the box MUST be made from 1" MDF or 2 layers of 3/4" MDF. Doesnt this seem like overkill? The xxx and Brahmas call for 3/4" I think. (prob wrong on that though) I know the xxx and brahms will put a lot more stress on a enclosure than the ti10 will.

last question. The ported box calls for .75 cu box while the sq calls for 1.0 cu box. whats up with that? Will I need .75 cu and add the port or do I need to account for the port to be included in the .75 cubes? I am going for a stealth install on this so thats why I am not building a huge box. Oh yea, I will run this pair off of a Z1000d @ 1 ohm. Amp says 1000w @ 1 ohm but I think it is 500rms so the subs may be underpowered. Thanks

slick rick
03-22-2004, 04:17 AM
heres my setup. jbl 6001 2 ti 10's (SVC) in a 1.05 cuft per sub (not including displacement) sealed box. it is 3/4 mdf. 3/4 is fine. and i have no clue whats up with their box specs. oh and the subs will def not be underpowered. they are 450 rms per sub.