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Moble Enclosurs
04-22-2012, 05:48 PM
This is about the time expectancies for the designs and builds current and in the future. Please leave out any negative comments as this pertains to those who have a current design, or want one in the future. The website, as well as Facebook has been updated with this information as well.

Business is now full time.

Time expectancies:

These are the times you should be able to expect the prints and the builds to be completed, not including shipping times and not including the weekends.

PRINTS: 3-5 Business days

BUILDS: up to 14 Business days


Prints--If you order a print on Wed 11th, then the time it can take to be completed would be around Tue 17th.

Builds--If you order and have a build purchased on Wed 11th, the time it can take to be completed would be around Mon 30th. This does not include shipping times as that is controlled by the shipping company.

THE TIMES CAN BE LESS! If all of the information in the order form is accurate and complete, then the likeliness of the order to be completed within that time is high and expected.

If you change the information on the order at any time during the process, the design then becomes a NEW DESIGN, and though another purchase is not required, the process may have to start over due to the acoustics being changed as well. SO, for this, the time expectancy may be increased up to the point where you are then satisfied with your changes, and I have completed a design based on those changes and it is ready to be completed.

This does not effect the accuracy nor the efficiency of any of these designs. In fact, if you do have to make changes, I encourage them to make sure you get what you are purchasing. The purpose of this is to mention the normal expectancies and timeliness of each process, and in the event that these are exceeded, the reasoning will very likely be due to those changes that occurred.

Any concerns about this process or of anything thus far, please email me in my email linked below. Thank you for your consistent support!

Mobile Enclosures

04-22-2012, 08:04 PM
Sounds like business is good. Hope it continues to grow for you.