View Full Version : Rockford Fosgate EPX2 with 28 band EQ card, non-working

SPL Blazer
04-21-2012, 11:57 PM
What I have here is the Rockford Fosgate EPX2 X-Over and Line Driver With 28 band EQ card. It powers on fine, but stopped receiving a signal through the RCA inputs.


Expandable Pre-amp and Crossover.
10 channel crossover.
Full preamp.
28 band EQ.
Up to 8 volts output.
Real time adjustments.
Balanced line inputs.
Max Output 10 Vrms (AP).
Max Input 4 Vrms.
Signal to Noise >94dB .
Channel Separation >80dB.
Crossover Type 12dB/octave butterworth.

I had it in my Blazer for a few years and loved it. My only mistake was keeping it too close to my box and it didn't like the vibrations. Unit powers on, but doesn't seem to be getting a signal. Should be easily repairable. I looked at the boards and didn't see anything obvious, but I'm no electronics expert either. I don't plan on running an SQ system any longer, so I have no use for this. These unit's can sell for big money when found with the 28 band EQ card, bought mine for $500 and have seen them for over $800. Comes with everything you see, RDAT controller, special non flipped data cable, power plug and EPX2 unit. I have all the instructions too.

Price: : $350


04-22-2012, 12:04 AM
350 and it dont work?

SPL Blazer
04-22-2012, 12:17 AM
350 and it dont work?

Thats correct, not sure how much it costs to fix something like this, but it's still gotta be cheaper than buying a working unit. I've seen these on Ebay ranging from $400-800 with this 28 band EQ card. I paid $500 for this unit a few years ago, you can buy the 28 band EQ card alone for $300 online.