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04-16-2012, 01:39 PM
1. Product:

EONON D2205 DVD touchscreen headunit. Does not include trim ring (unless you ask nicely).

2. Specs:

Dude, it has just about every feature that a decent DVD touchscreen should have. SD card reader, front-panel A/V inputs, front-panel mini-USB input (mini-to-standard USB adapter not pictured but is included), Plays DVD-R and mp3s on a CD, 3 pairs of preamp outputs, video-out, i-Pod interface (cord not pictured but is included), rear camera input, Bluetooth w/external microphone and ability to add an antenna. Separate remote amp and power antenna trigger (although I think they're connected together internally).

3. Description/Condition:

If you ask me if everything works on this unit then I will say yes, everything works, pretty mint actually. If you ask me if everything works well then I would go off on how this thing lick balls because it ***** so bad that it's banned from sucking balls. This thing is like a cute little dog that you enjoy taking a walk with because women flock to come see it but it poops all over your house every two weeks. It also pees on your floor when you're least expecting it and you slip and fall into the wetness and the dog's like "you mad?" I wanted to smash this with a bat but then I remembered that I paid money for it.

- The graphic interface is slow and looks like it's from the original Nintendo.
- It takes a really long time (I'm talking about 2 minutes or longer) to load anything from its USB input (especially videos).
- There are no subwoofer volume control and the unit's sound quality is sub-par. Even a cheap $90 Pioneer special from BestBuy sounds better.
- I've never used its internal amplifier before but my guess is it sounds like a factory Ford radio.
- Whenever you play a disc (DVD or CD) the unit picks up the noise from the spinning motor so you can hear the noise during quiet scenes or when you're switching tracks.
- Sometimes the remote control doesn't work, not sure why.
- Sometimes the caller ID doesn't show up on the screen when using Bluetooth.
- Sometimes the unit will freeze, shut off or restart for no reason and you'll have to press the reset button (seems to happen more often when it's cold out, like 40 degrees or lower).
- Sometimes the headunit will lose all the settings, sometimes it'll only lose some of the settings like clock, EQ or screen adjustment. It's all random.
- The headunit takes some time to boot up so if you turn your car on then off really quick then this unit will stay on until you turn the ignition on then off again.
- It does not recognize certain mp3s and some mp3s will freeze up the unit until you eject the SD card or USB drive.
- The remote is hopeless in the dark because all the buttons are the same shape and you can't feel your way through it.
- There are probably other things I that I forgot to mention, but you get the idea. I hated it, but hey maybe it'll like you better.

4. Price: :

$110 shipped, $100 picked up. I forgot to take a DVD out (I was in a hurry to replace it) so you'll also receive Mel Gibson's We Were Soldiers as a package.

Trades are welcome. Mostly looking for amps (mono subwoofer amp, at least 500 watts RMS @ 2ohms) unless you have a headunit in great condition that can read mp3s, have 3 sets of preamp outputs and aux-in. Must be some kind of name brand, definitely not Eonon.

5. Pictures:





I just want to be upfront about my experience so there won't be any surprises for the buyer. I mean it is not that bad... sometimes it goes for a month without any errors.

04-18-2012, 01:17 AM