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04-11-2012, 11:29 PM
Item(s) for Sale: Kicker SS65.2 BNIB

Item(s) Description/Condition: 10/10 Never even been out of the plastic.

6-1/2" 2-Way Matched Component System
Peak Power Handling: 200 watts
RMS Power handling: 100 watts
3 Ohm Impedance
System Optimized Two-Way Asymmetrical Passive Crossover Network Provides 24 dB High Pass and 12 dB Low Pass at 2.8Khz for seamless transition from midrange to tweeter
Air Core Inductors Provides higher power handling with less ‘signal smear’ and magnetic saturation when compared to other ‘core’ type inductors
Mylar Film Filter Capacitors Used in tweeter crossover section for smooth and extended high frequency response
3 Position Tweeter Attenuator Select from 0 dB, +1.5 dB or + 3.0 dB tweeter output level for level matching the tweeter to the midrange due to personal taste or mounting locations
Zobel Impedance Compensation Provides more linear response across the operating range and prevents crossover point shift by correcting impedance rise
DuPont® Tetoron® (Soft Dome) 30mm Diameter Tweeter Used to provide ultrawide frequency response. Excellent balance between high and low end frequency response
Ferro-Fluid™ Cooled Voice Coil Enhances the thermal transfer from voice coil to the motor structure for higher power handling and decreased power compression
Dual Neo Magnets In Tweeter Top and bottom magnets provide a reduction in overall tweeter size while increasing BL 22% over conventional designs (Patent Pending)
Vented Inner Motor System The chamber under the tweeter dome is vented to the perimeter of the voice coil with machined channels in the motor structure to minimize dome distortion
Sealed and Tuned Tweeter Enclosure Provides awesome control as well as smooth and extended upper mid/lower tweeter response from driver
Foam Dispersion and Control Plug Used behind tweeter dome to control reflected energy and balance air pressure to the tweeter dome. Increases overall dome strength while in operation
Copper Clad Aluminum Voice Coil Increases efficiency and thermal dissipation (power handling) of the tweeter
Tri-Tech™ Cone with Röhm Rohacell® Foam Sandwhiched cone material of foam, poly and woven carbon fiber. Provides a very light yet very strong cone for extended frequency response and superior cone control over the midrange’s entire operating range
T-cut Top Plate with Micro Plate™ Copper Cap Provides very linear and extended midrange response as well as increased efficiency and thermal dissipation (power handling). Micro Plate™ copper shorting cap reduces THD
Edgewound Copper Clad Aluminum Ribbon Voice Coil Very efficient coil design that provides high coil winding density and increases thermal transfer from voice coil to the motor structure for higher power handling and decreased power compression
Balanced Coil Construction The voice coil diameter and mass are engineered specifically to work with the driver system and provide an extremely linear and balanced response
Variable Surround Thickness The surround thickness varies across its cross section to provide higher linearity and balance of the driver system, especially at higher excursions, when compared to conventional surround designs.
Z-Wave™ Spider Design New spider design incorporating two complimentary shaped waves which provides better control over non-linear motion in the driver system.


$275 shipped

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feel free to send offers, I can take more pictures if needed.

04-13-2012, 08:29 PM
240 shipped!

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Are you still looking to sale these?

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Yes, i cleared my inbox but yours is full

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sale pending......